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Benefits of Pudu Robots in Education

Benefits of Pudu Robots in Education

August 5, 2022

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Digital tools provide numerous ways to keep teaching and learning experiences going despite the circumstances. And as schools are slowly starting to go back to a “new normal” reality, we believe that Pudu Robots can enhance classroom environments and assist your staff and teachers. Aside from the members of the school personnel, we will also cover how these robots can wonderfully benefit today’s students and the future generations to come.

5 Benefits of Pudu Robots in Education

1. Support for Teachers

When teachers or staff need to carry heavy items from one place to another, these robots can do the work and lessen their workload. HolaBot’s ultra-large capacity can help in this scenario as well as the other delivery robots from Pudu.

2. Better Engagement with Students

Having robots around can capture the interest of students and can pique their curiosity about the science behind these tech advancements. BellaBot can also encourage students to interact and articulate their thoughts. 

When it comes to the field of special education, robotics can be instrumental in helping children cope despite their difficulties in learning. Students with special needs can overcome their problems with communication and socialization with the help of these robots.  

3. Encourage Students’ Creativity and Interest in STEM Subjects

Art and science do not have to be isolated from each other, and a study shows that students engaging in robotics will allow them to improve their creativity and their knowledge in the field of science. Engaging with these robots can also inspire them to think of new possibilities, and we just might have the next innovators who will contribute to solving our current problems through AI and robotics.

4. Disinfection and Sanitation 

We have seen how COVID-19, a prevalent threat in our current society, has been gradually lessening, but we must be mindful that other diseases may still spread around the school. To address this, the Puductor 2 contains features such as the Ultra-Sonic Dry Mist Disinfection and Ultraviolet C Disinfection which help disinfect not only COVID-19 but other viruses too. 

5. Preparation for the Future

Pudu Robots are now breaking through the barriers of tradition and will be vital in accelerating the digital journey of every industry. Giving teachers and students the opportunity to see these robots firsthand will help ease their transition to these modern technologies and make them more eager in anticipating future advancements. 

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