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BellaBot from Pudu Robotics Improves the F&B Industry Worldwide

August 11, 2022

2 minutes read

BellaBot: Pudu Robotics’ Premium Delivery Robot

BellaBot has been taking over headlines and the hearts of customers all over the globe. Aside from its bionic design and cat-like appearance, Pudu Robotics also equipped it with features such as superior human-robot interactions and obstacle avoidance technology. 

We have laid out several examples of how this revolutionary delivery robot has been transforming companies and operations for the better, particularly in the food and beverage industry. 

McDonald’s branches in Slovenia, a country in central Europe, have now integrated BellaBot units into their workforce. Here are some of the company’s reasons behind their decision to include robot servers: 

  • Restaurant staff need more assistance 
  • Expectations for sanitary and safety conditions have grown exponentially 

After taking all of these into account and acquiring solutions from Pudu Robotics, the risk of virus transmission was reduced. Beyond this, they can also attest to other outcomes such as higher efficiency and lower costs.  

Pudu Robotics BellaBot at Slovenia

Photo from: Pudu Robotics

New York City restaurants have also purchased BellaBot units for similar reasons mentioned above. Aside from automating delivery services to and from the kitchen, BellaBot has been giving customers entertaining and enjoyable dining experiences. 

Ireland has also witnessed these robot servers popping up across various cities in their country, and one Japanese restaurant even designated one unit to manage reservations and guide diners to their tables. 

In another part of the world, the Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Jordan also made a major decision to acquire BellaBot units from Pudu Robotics to improve the in-store experiences of their customers.  

Pudu Robotics BellaBot Coca-Cola Jordan

Photo from: Pudu Robotics

Customers’ Response towards Service Robots

As we have seen, many business owners are deploying these solutions. But how are the customers reacting to these shifts? 

A study released this month gives evidence that most customers had a positive experience with service robots. Dr. Zhibin Lin, professor of marketing at Durham University Business School, led a team of researchers from colleagues from Smith School of Business, Queen’s University, Business School, and Jimei University. In a sample of 9,707 customer reviews, 60% experienced joy in their interactions with the robots.  

"Previous opinion has been that customers felt uneasiness and discomfort when being served by robots, however this research suggests that customers actually, on the whole, have more positive interactions with robots and enjoy the experience of being served by one." 

Discover the Benefits of BellaBot for Your Own Business

MEC Networks is an official distributor of solutions from Pudu Robotics in the Philippines. Allow us to help you on your journey towards automation and better customer service! 

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