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Pudu Robotics Gains Successful Growth across Various Businesses

August 23, 2022

2 minutes read

The Growth of Pudu Robotics in Europe

Pudu Robotics, a leader in the field of commercial service robots, has recently been quickly growing in the European market. More than 50 brands and companies in Europe have so far employed Pudu Robotics’ cutting-edge intelligent service robots, such KettyBot and BellaBot, to improve operations across a variety of circumstances. This phenomenon demonstrates the exceptional usability and adaptability of these Pudu solutions. 

Because of their wide range, these robots can be seen in several scenarios. The first automated service station that is being run by the oil refining giant, Shell, in Poland uses BellaBot and KettyBot to welcome clients. These robots also tell them of their current promotional initiatives and help with the order delivery system. Additionally, Pudu Robots are appearing in other locations, such as Media Markt, a Dutch retailer of European electronics, McDonald’s in Slovenia, Pizza Hut and KFC in Poland, Nevins Newfield Inn in Ireland, and a studio for photography and videography in Italy.

"At PUDU, we see the European market as an important focus for growth and development. European businesses are amongst the most scrupulous with tech innovation, and we believe our industry-leading product range is capable of rising to the challenge. Moving forward, we plan to continue our expansion throughout Europe and provide the very best in commercial service robots to partners around the world."

Pudu Robotics has continued to prioritize R&D and product creation along with increasing user numbers, as shown by the introduction of the PuduBot 2 in July of this year. 

Pudu Robotics is prepared to serve customers worldwide and further broaden the reach of the company thanks to its many years of industry experience and ongoing efforts to enlarge the service area and increase the application scenarios for its products. 

Discover the Benefits of BellaBot for Your Own Business

MEC Networks Corporation is an official distributor of these innovative robotic solutions. We are eager to help you on your own journey towards automation, and we believe that each of these robots from Pudu can enable better services for your business and increase the satisfaction of your customers. 

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