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Benefits of Pudu Robots in Healthcare

July 25, 2022

2 minutes read

The current situation of our healthcare industry can reap the benefits of integrating automation and the latest tech solutions that are now available on the market. We have laid out the key benefits that Pudu Robots can offer in helping our hospitals provide better patient-centric services. 

5 Benefits of Pudu Robots in Healthcare

1. Safe Delivery of Supplies and Equipment

The delivery robots such as HolaBot from Pudu can help relieve medical personnel who are overwhelmed by their many routine or manual tasks. The navigation system built into each Pudu Robot also allows it to accurately move from one location to another and transport medicines, linens, and other supplies.  

2. Staff Support

During a health crisis, these Pudu Robots can lessen the worries of our healthcare workers by providing contactless solutions that will lessen their exposure to various infectious diseases. 

An article from the International Federation of Robotics also mentions that a nurse’s daily walking distance of 3–4 miles will be decreased through these autonomous mobile robots. These can also help reduce the chances of acquiring back injuries due to lifting among the staff and allow nurses more time to focus on patient care. 

3. Better Patient Care

When a hospital is overflowing with patients, attending to each patient’s needs might be more difficult, especially when limited personnel are available. In this scenario, the management can benefit from deploying a robotic solution like BellaBot 

BellaBot’s AI interactions can help entertain child patients who may be distressed about their situation. It also paves the way for contactless delivery of food or items that each patient needs. 

Other solutions from Pudu Robotics can also contribute to a hospital’s goal of providing better patient care. As mentioned earlier, automating the delivery systems within the hospital gives more time for the staff to find other ways to serve the patients.  

4. Disinfection and Sanitation 

Pudu Robotics’ Puductor 2 enables efficient disinfection and sanitation of hospitals without disturbing the patients. You can also be assured that this solution is designed to run for hours on end, killing bacteria, germs, and viruses inside rooms, facilities, and hallways 

The Puductor 2 is crucial in minimizing contact between patients and health professionals or staff during an outbreak. It will also open doors to high-quality environments that are vital for every healthcare center. 

5. Streamlined Operations

One of the Pudu Robots, KettyBot, can be used to offer directions and instructions to visitors and patients inside the hospital. Its built-in display can also quickly relay the answers to the frequently asked questions of the people who enter the premises.  

Transform Your Hospital with Pudu Robots Today

As the official distributor of Pudu Robotics, we can help fast track the development of our country’s healthcare facilities. We are proactively finding new ways to contribute to moving operations and services forward for the benefit of every Filipino. Accelerate your hospital’s automation through the latest robotic solutions with us today! 

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