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Benefits of Pudu Robots in Retail Businesses

June 30, 2022

2 minutes read

Pudu Robots Help Address the Need for Automation

Through the latest Pudu Robots, the repetitive tasks of the past that were time-consuming and costly can now be accomplished in minutes. And through these cost-effective solutions, businesses can find a new way towards growth and success. 

While these outcomes are certainly attractive for business owners, workers might feel apprehensive about these novel ways of serving their customers. But if we see these movements in the industry in a new light, we will realize that these are just what we need to gain better opportunities and provide better customer service too. Let us now take a deeper look at the benefits that Pudu Robots can bring to retail businesses. 

4 Benefits of Pudu Robots in Retail Businesses

1. Boosting Productivity

The manual processes that used to burden the workers can now be done by deploying one of the Pudu robots. As a result, the personnel can be moved up to other tasks and give them the freedom to move forward in their careers. Aside from having happier employees, retail owners can rest assured that operations are running smoothly with less room for error.  

For example, HolaBot reduces the time it takes for collecting heavy and dirty dishes in a restaurant with its efficient delivery functions. It also possesses the ability to receive instructions in a contactless way and so give the staff the support they need. 

Pudu Robots - Holabot

Photo credits: Pudu Robotics

2. Automating Marketing Campaigns

Integrating robotic solutions into your marketing strategy will allow your business to gain a competitive edge and drive more sales. Designed to be your marketing expert on wheels, KettyBot specializes in this aspect, but other robots from Pudu’s lineup can easily accomplish this as well.  

KettyBot’s unique and customizable ad display can be utilized for numerous promotional purposes. But beyond providing messages about a brand, it can also instantly deliver their products directly to the customer.

Photo credits: Pudu Robotics

3. Enhancing Customer Experiences

Designed to be customer-centric solutions, Pudu Robots are valuable assets for enabling convenient and hassle-free experiences. Through their error-free services, attaining customer satisfaction has never been easier.  

Aside from speeding up services, robots can also increase customer engagement. BellaBot’s unique interactive features can attract customers of any age and make them feel welcome at the venue. You can also deploy Pudu Robots to roam around any establishment so that people can easily find the information they need or the guide towards where they need to go. 

Pudu Robots - BellaBot

Photo credits: Pudu Robotics

4. Meeting the Demand for Contactless Retail 

This benefit stems from giving customers the satisfying experiences they are searching for, and nowadays, the demand for touchless solutions is still on the rise. To minimize the risk of infections and diseases, we need better preventive measures.  

The Puductor 2 was developed to overcome this challenge without disrupting the customer experience. It can do so with its Ultrasonic Dry Mist and Ultraviolet C disinfection features. Its motion sensor also enables it to detect people and automatically move out of the way. 

Pudu Robots - Puductor 2

Photo credits: Pudu Robotics

Pudu Robots Are the Key to Better Retail Experiences

The list of advantages that we have laid out above is not an exhaustive one. And so, there are still a lot of areas in which robots can showcase their abilities and positively transform retail experiences.  

As one article about robots in retail recommends, “Retailers can capitalize on the rise of the robots to realize improved productivity, cut costs, enhance customer experiences and boost profits. Robotics, when combined with digital technologies such as analytics, AI and machine-learning, has the potential to drive transformation across the retail value chain. And that transformation will materialize sooner than one thinks.” 

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