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Efficient Pudu Robots Get the Job Done

June 24, 2022

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Pudu Robots Provide Efficient and Contactless Services

Pudu robots can be seen deployed for various purposes in Asia and across the world. This article focuses on two of them: food delivery and disinfection.

During the height of the Omicron variant this year, the Shenzhen-based enterprise, Pudu Robotics, donated several of its commercial service robots to Hong Kong quarantine hotels. Its founder and CEO, Zhang Tao, believes that their solutions possess the capabilities to curb the crippling effects of the virus on numerous industries.

He states, “When it is needed, we have the obligation, the ability, and the willingness to stand with the frontline workers and combat the pandemic. Turning the power of science and technology into an actual pandemic prevention force, we are ready to support and give back to global society with our products powered by advanced technologies.”

One of the Pudu Robots, BellaBot, has proved valuable in enhancing food delivery services everywhere. Beyond this industry, other operations and companies can also benefit from its features.

This solution consists of an automotive-grade independent linkage suspension system, an intelligent infrared induction tray, 3D obstacle avoidance, and the dual Laser SLAM and Visual SLAM positioning and navigation system. On top of these, its four-layer tray allows the delivery of more than one item at a time. Altogether, BellaBot can flawlessly accomplish delivery services without being a nuisance to the customers or workers.

The Puductor 2, another beneficial solution from the lineup of Pudu Robotics, is a UV cleaning robot that is equipped with dual disinfection modes: ultrasonic dry mist disinfection and UV-C Disinfection. These impressive features ensure that sterilization is done completely and reduce the risks brought about by cross-infection. 

BellaBot’s task of delivering daily necessities to quarantine hotels’ guests in a contactless manner reduces the risk of cross-infection by avoiding direct contact between staff and guests. On the other hand, the Puductor 2 ensures safe and healthy indoor environments within the hotels by enabling its 24/7 automatic disinfection. The two robots collaborate to increase their efficacy as a health crisis prevention method.

Pudu Robots Enhance the Retail Sector

In a different part of the globe, Pudu Robots take part in promoting and distributing Coca-Cola products at supermarkets throughout Jordan. Zhang says, “Unlike traditional retail services, having intelligent robots serve our customers will go a long way in meeting the expectations of various brands when it comes to more personalized and functional service robots, thereby significantly improving the in-store experience for shoppers.”

We presently find ourselves in a world that contains new preventive health and safety measures. And so, turning to automation and the rising cutting-edge technologies available is a necessary step towards helping businesses move forward in their operations. These novel robotic solutions are designed to attract customers. But beyond this, they are also poised to accelerate the strategy for adopting no-contact approaches that will benefit everyone in retail businesses.

About Pudu Robotics​

Pudu Robotics is a world-leading tech-focused organization committed to the design, R&D, manufacturing, and sales of commercial service robots with the objective of using robots to enhance the efficiency of business operations and human living. MEC Networks is the official distributor of Pudu Robotics Products in the Philippines.

These robotic solutions are the result of the organization’s substantial efforts on their R&D. They have been winning various honors such as the Red Dot. Aside from applying hundreds of core patents to spearhead the growth of the robotics industry, they have also created high-tech products that appeal to their targeted customers. Pudu Robots have been growing fast recently and have been leading in global marketplaces, with their coverage reaching over 60 countries.

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